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Why is Of Course right for me?

Flexible for busy people

  1. 1. Authentic learning resources and pedagogical materials
  2. 2. Highly qualified teachers 
  3. 3. Two certificates, one from Skills4Work and one from our British partner
  4. 4. Our programs are aligned with the CEFR
  5. (Common European Framework of Reference).
  6. 5. British curriculum/syllabus
  7. 6. Interactive world-class learning apps 
  8. 7. The most affordable English course 
  9. 8. Increased chances of getting a new job abroad

Speak Easy Pack

Welcome to our communication skills course, taught by very qualified teachers from Tunisia and the native speakers. We improve your written and spoken English by focusing on grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and conversation, while emphasizing cultural awareness through interactive discussions, role-playing, and presentations. We also incorporate modern technology and digital resources to enhance your learning experience. Join us today and take the first step towards improving your communication skills!

What is Of course

English E-learning Platform

Of course is a platform for e-learning that offers English language courses. This English learning platform is designed in a very interactive and innovative way to help learners master the English language.

British Curriculum & Certificate

The platform uses a British program aligned with the CECR and IELTS and vous offre encore la possibilité d'obtenir un deuxiéme certificat international de notre partenaire linguistique de I'Angleterre.

Flexible approach

The contemporary and creative approach offered by the platform helps learners stay motivated in their English learning. The progress tracking functionality allows students to see their progress and identify areas of improvement.


Meet Our Teachers and Experts

We choose the best teachers to support your learning journey

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Dr. Azaza


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How does Of Course work?

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Hear our students’ feedback


Take a look at students' awesome feedback


“I recently attended a communication session and the experience was both informative and enjoyable. From the moment we joined, the teacher made us feel comfortable and at ease, creating an environment where everyone felt welcome to participate.

The sessions  were packed with valuable insights and practical tips on how to communicate more effectively. The teacher used a range of teaching methods, including interactive exercises and real-life examples, which kept the content engaging and relevant throughout.

One of the things that really stood out to me was the way the teacher connected with the group. Not only was he knowledgeable and engaging, but he was also incredibly approachable and friendly, which created a positive and supportive atmosphere.”

AIESEC Carthage




Of Course

Ofcourse is a platform of Talent X Education for e- learning that offers English language courses.




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